Adoption Policy

It is the desire of the WCHS to make a good match between the pet and owner. We will question applicants regarding their lifestyle, housing arrangements, and how they plan to keep the pet when they are not at home.

Please respect our right to screen applicants, knowing that we have both the pet and the potential owner's best interest in mind. We do not want our pets to become "revolving door" pets, as this creates stress on animals and defeats our purpose to provide stability in the lives of these deserving creatures!

Adoption Steps

  1. Complete the adoption application form. Information submitted in the application will be verified and is not limited to vet referfences, home ownership, and proof of rental policies. Incomplete applications will delay the approval process.

  2. You will be contacted by the foster parent who can answer any questions about the animal's health or disposition. The foster parent can explain the adoption fee for the animal. This fee varies depending on the medical needs of the animal, the medical costs for that the animal and the type of animal. Fees generally range from $40-$175 but may be more or less depending on the factors above.

  3. The foster parent will ask questions related to the care and home situation where the animal will be living. The foster parent will explain the medical status of the animal. All animals over 4 months of age have been spayed or neutered before adoption. Younger animals who have not been sterilized will require you to sign a contract to have the animal spayed or neutered by 6 months of age.

  4. Should you choose to adopt the pet, you will sign a contract to maintain the normal medical needs for the lifetime of the animal. Failure to comply with any of these contract agreements will result in surrendering the animal to WCHS and forfeiture of adoption fees.The foster parent can make an appointment for you to meet the animal once the application has been approved. The foster parent will supply you with a current medical record for the animal and collect the adoption fee when the adoption takes place.

  5. There is a two week "trial" period to allow for adjustment of the animal to your home. The animal may be returned within the two week trial period for a refund of adoption fees minus a $25 handling fee. WCHS will take the animal back anytime after the two week trial period but there will be no refund of adoption fees (as long as there is room in the foster program).