Resources Provided by WCHS

Lost & Found Assistance
We keep a list of any animals reported lost or found. We offer suggestions, such as places to contact and other advice. Please visit the fantastic new Facebook page Lost and Found Dogs of Wilson as well!


Cooperation with Wilson County Animal Control
Reporting strays, neglected or abused animals should be reported to the Wilson County Animal Control at (252) 291-8142, as they have the authority to pick up stray animals and to investigate neglect and abuse calls. The WCHS is not authorized to perform these actions. We can, however, help you find the owner of the lost pet or help rehome a pet that is not reclaimed.


Foster/Adoption Program
At the present time, we have approximately 10 homes for fostering pets. We are always in need of foster homes. If you can foster a dog or cat, please call (252) 243-2566 or send us a message.


Please contact us to find information about:

  • Responsible pet ownership
  • Importance of spaying and neutering
  • Information about rabies
  • Local animal ordinances

Pet Information Links

Dog Information

Choosing the right dog

Dog Care Essentials

Bringing a new dog home

Adopting a shelter dog

Importance of socialization

Teaching leash walking

Exercise for dogs

Will neutering change my dog

Crate training

Hot weather tips

Dog parks

Dog park etiquette

Dog park body language

Pros and cons of dog parks

Behavior Modification

Positive Reinforcement Training

Barking: How to get your dog to quiet down

Barking: Why dogs sound off



Canine body language


How to get your dog to stop digging:

Dog aggression

Fear of thunder and other loud noises

Fear of noises

Separation anxiety 1

Separation anxiety 2

Submissive urination

Behavior problems in older dogs

Dogs who are reactive on a leash

Puppy Basics

Housetraining puppies

Housetraining your adult dog

Puppy behavior basics

Puppy nipping and rough play

Puppy mouthing

Socializing your puppy

Kids and Pets

The right pet for your child's age

How kids respond to pets

Safety tips

Warning signs that your child's behavior is dangerous to pets


How to use a head halter

Teaching basic commands

Getting the most out of basic commands

Teaching the "come" command

Stop your dog from jumping up

Teaching your dog to ask to go out

Charging through doors

Clicker training your pet

Teaching your dog not to pull on a leash

Teaching your dog to behave around children

Teaching your dog to eliminate in a specific place

Teaching your dog to sit

Teaching your dog to stay

Therapy / Assistance Programs

AKC Canine Good Citizen Program

Delta Society

Carolina Canines

Recommended Sites


The Humane Society of the United States

Victoria Stillwell

Cesar Millan

Dog Agility

North American Dog Agility Council

AKC Lure Coursing

Cat Information

Bringing your new cat home

Cat care essentials

Understanding feline language

Aggression between cats

Choosing the right cat for you

Fearful cats

Declawing a cat

Introducing new cat to other pets

Kitten behavior basics

Preventing litter box problems

Solving litter box problems

Training your cat with positive reinforcement

Training your cat

Cats who play rough